Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Children - How can they really be experts?

I often get asked this question, how an earth can children be 'experts' in number agency, when really they are just starting out as learners in this maths business.  I think this article by Tim Taylor answers those questions really well.

Casting children as experts in the 'play' does not mean that they are 'expert' they are simply cast in this role.  Being cast in this role allows them to 'play' at being responsible, meeting deadlines, solving problems...it allows them to explore tensions and bring about resolution that no child would ever experience in their day to day life.  It takes away the role of teacher and child, and very much casts you alongside each other as 'equals' in the play.  This I believe is the real power of Mantle of the Expert....and in turn Number Agents.

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