Thursday, 15 June 2017

Such a fun session today

We had such a great session today I just had to share.

We started off with our normal rhythm into agency, singing our count to 100 song.   We practiced our doubles and then used this song.  Our focus at the moment is counting on.

After this we played finger fun...once again practicing counting on from the biggest number.

 Basically we jump for an amount nominated by agent 81...raise that many fingers, then jump again for another nominated amount, we then group our fingers and add them up.

Today our villain was Sum Snake.  He is a bit trickier because he doesn't really have a client to provide us with a problem.

So I decided to have some fun and go into role.  We are lucky enough to have a small office located just behind our mat area.  When the alarm sounded I said "who can hear that sound"  and proceeded to make the hissing sound of Sum Snake.  I then said "I think it is coming from back there"  I  walked into the office area pretending it was Sum Snake's lair.  

Then there was a great kerfuffle...Agent 81 had obviously been kidnapped by Sum Snake.  To confirm this Sum Snake poked his head around the corner of the door so the agents could see him and proceeded to tell them that Agent 81 would be held until they could give him three problems with the sum of nine.

This was where the going into role came in....while out in the office I grabbed a hat and turned into Policeman Peter, who came into agency to help the agents save Agent 81.  I always find this so wonderful, they so readily accept that you are in character, they don't bat an eyelid, they just go with it.  

We busily worked away with our always some agents had written three ways within the first minute, while others were busily collecting nine items and making two groups.  It was lovely to see.

When we were done, Peter the Policeman went back to find Sum Snake in his lair.  Obviously taking his life into his own hands to rescue 81.    By this time the lair was full of a sticky spiderweb like substance and Peter had to crawl on his stomach to avoid it.  

Sum Snake was captured and listened to our equations with the Sum of 9.  Luckily they were all correct and Agent 81 was returned to us after great disgust expressed by Sum Snake...who then crawled back to his lair we he belongs.

After rejoicing and chanting we checked out of agency.  And during play-based time many of the agents wrote letters to Peter thanking him for saving 81.

I had so much fun today!  Who wouldn't want to do maths...the agents love it, I love it and it is just like one big story in which, we play the heroes!  

Here's to many more agent adventures ahead of us!

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