Sunday, 4 June 2017

Planning in Agency

I like to keep my planning quite open and be guided day to day by what the agents find difficult or too easy the day before.  However in saying this an agency session does have a daily rhythm that looks like this:

Hot Spots/Daily Basics/Maths Eyes
Quick subsitizing song
Doubles doubles song
My dog fraction

Make a tower to ten game - groups of three
Professional Development Activity

Professor - Using dominoes to make number stories - professor to model using the giant domino to make up the number story.  Focus in on the use of the pattern and begin to talk about starting from the biggest number.  Begin to focus on counting on for those that are ready. - Work in groups of three
Teacher in role...
Painter - help something is helping with my paint, half of the paint keeps disappearing from each can.
  • Captain Fraction
Word Problem
Arrrrr….the painter had 8 cans of paint and I have taken half of the cans, how many does he have left?

(focus in on agents using materials to solve the problem, or their doubles knowledge by drawing a picture.)

Talk move focus
Cowgirl calculation - focus on how do you know?  Do you agree, disagree with the agent before you?
Strand Link
Focus in on statistics.
Probability - how many times do we roll a five

Where to next?

 I like to have a focus in some shape and form on subitizing.  I find this focus really builds a deep understanding of number and assists greatly with basic fact knowledge that will be needed later on.  Our sessions will also have a strong focus on materials and visual strategies.  

At the end of each session I will write quick notes to myself and tweak the next days session if needed.  I will then use these notes to guide my next week's planning.  

I have been really impressed by how much my agents have grown with their agent talk moves.  They are now able to state if they agree or disagree with the agent before them and able to articulate how they solved the problem.  Cowgirl Calculation will reinforce and scaffold this and is often heard to say "so you are saying..."  Having Cowgirl revoice what they have said builds greatly on their own abilities to talk about the strategies they have used.

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