Monday, 6 March 2017

Ready to embark...:)

This is not the clearest image, but you get the idea.  Last fortnight we spent time hooking in, this was incredibly, out of the world successful😃

This week we have moved onto building belief via the voki and messages on our wall.  During the last phase of hooking in, this photo appeared.

We worked on blueprints for our agency (blueprints was a word suggested by one of the children.)  We also came up with a little chant...completely off the cuff!  So cool!

The message on the wall changed.  The children were so observant, they noticed the photo and words had changed and one of them even dragged a parent in to read the sign for them...:)  

Our agent numbers appeared in a bottle (in our portal area.)

With great excitement we got dressed up and had our agency photos taken and added our assigned numbers....their excitement was is inspiring and contagious and is part of the reason I love delivering maths this way.

And so now they wait with baited breath to hear from head agent.   This is the message they will see tomorrow.

I love how they take to this approach.  I love their enthusiasm and motivation and I especially love the way it shapes their mindset towards maths.

The excitement that has been brimming over in our classroom during the last few weeks is good enough to bottle and I wish that every classroom could be like this!

The other positive side effect is that so much of this spills over into their imaginative play, where they take it and expand on it in their own way.  

This approach gives children a freedom just to do what they do, imagine and build worlds around themselves.  Learning within these worlds is empowering, unthreatening and very rewarding for learners, best of all these worlds allow them success!

If you would like to know more I suggest purchasing the book.  Either hard copy, or through my TPT store...without this understanding, what I do will seem pretty random :)

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