Sunday, 12 March 2017

Officially Open

We kicked off the first session with this message...

Message from Head Agent.

A couple of things I talked to mine about today that I think are important in this approach...

1)This is imaginary, we know that right....but it is still fun eh!
2)Being an agent is like being a superhero, we are not always that superhero...we change into an agent and then we change back :)
3)Our existence is secret from Mrs Allen, she must never know what we are really doing. (they love this...)

Sitting in the portal/agency area was our confidential box.  We had a look at the map and the check in and check out system and I used storytelling to get them into agency.

They were super excited and this can be a hard balance as they have so much they want to add to the conversation and whilst their imaginings are important we do get keeping them on track is a priority.

There was a little of setting up to do and agency did take us a little longer today, but I think I can get it down to 50min-1hr.

The professor was a huge hit.  He was brilliant at teaching them to count one to one and the looks on their faces when he engaged with them one to one were priceless.  I am glad I have added a puppet to this role.

There is a real dramatic trick to agency and so much is done on the spot and I think with time I have got so much better at being flexible.  I spent a lot of time referring to my secret files today, but as I get back into the swing of things this will get easier.  Today our check out buzzer wasn't working so I had to go into role as Mr Fixit...just a quick 360 turn and I was in character, I quick turn back and I was back to being myself.

I love the belief of young children and the size and capacity of their wish is that as teachers we would continue to foster this, I believe it is an incredible asset.

I made a couple of highlighted notes on my planning.

This is an editable link to our agent eyes today.  They said some interesting things and actually noticed a lot more than I thought they would.

I did not use cowgirl calculation today....just starting to problem solve is a huge ask for our little ones, so she may or may not come out tomorrow I will play it by ear.

This approach is not an easy one, but man it is worth it, just the engagement on their faces makes all my multiple-personalities and tired voice well worth it.

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