Monday, 13 January 2020

Stepping In - Post One

This video details the first step I go through in my yearly Number Agent journey.

Basically it is all about creating a skeleton of the world, your vision for the world you want to bring to life in your classroom, who will be the characters, who are the goodies, who are the baddies, who will the bit players be, how will the agents be symbolised (numbers, initials etc) how will the agents move in and out of this world?

How will children be hooked into this world, what will be the very first clues, the steps into agency.  Who will be the key players in this world?  What symbols and gadgets will be used.  How will belief be built once children are hooked in?  What rituals will be established?

I map this all out as it helps me to further develop ideas, the process of recording for me really feeds my creativity.

I really hope this video plays ok, you may need to play it full volume if it is hard to hear, but it seems all good from my end.

I will check in with you soon in a few days with my skeleton plan, in the meantime have a read of the book as it will explain a lot of the 'why' behind this stage.

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