Sunday, 1 July 2018

An exciting way to ramp up tension in agency and bring in more play

Today was the great kidnap of Agent 81 (me)  there has been hints at this all term, we have been aware that Head Villain has been gathering brain gain from the other agencies around NZ and we have been working madly to get more so we can put it back.  This brain gain has been used to give the villains a boost.  From time to time Head Agent has warned us to be careful.

So today we found out that Agent 81 had been kidnapped in the early hours of the morning.  We did the normal count in and check in, but I had disappeared and came back when they had chanted, in my helicopter (a toy prop) as agent 256 recon agent Pete.  Sent in to lead the rescue of Head Agent.

Via Head Agent

We then received this message from Head Villain.

The agents were excited and a little apprehensive, agency was in uproar, with everyone wondering what would happen, how we would save Agent 81 and what would happen if we didn't.

Then there was a new alarm (a cool alarm I got from a free app that is called intruder alarm)  we guessed this meant a villain was on their way...and yes we were right.

First up Knight Adder, then Subtraction Shark and lastly we faced Sum Snake.

We managed to solve the problems one by one, and at the end we received a message from Sum Snake saying the key was in the portal.

We were puzzled because there was no such thing in our portal that we could see...but then we realised we also have a portal in the bush.

Two agents had 60 seconds (which one agent told us was the same as a minute) to run to the portal, receive the key and come back.  Very luckily they made it in 49 seconds.

Agent 256 used the tracking device installed in Agent 81's neck to track where she was being kept and found the door that was needed.  256 unlocked the door, only to find that there was another door....we had been tricked. 

Head Villain once again appeared and simply said "You didn't think I'd make it that easy would you."

The agents were puzzled because it is the first time we have not had a happy ending, but we are confident that we will be able to solve more problems tomorrow with the help of 256 and open the second door...hopefully Agent 81 will be there.

Agent 256 left in his helicopter promising to come back tomorrow.

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