Sunday, 18 February 2018

I love drama for learning! A glimpse into today....

Today we learned the space game.  The idea of this game is that children move into a space.  They are simply finding space.   This leads to them being aware of themselves and their movements. 

When we get accustomed to finding space in our normal persona, we go into role.  Today we went into role as a snail finding space, a grumpy giant and a busy robot.

It is always such fun to watch children grow in confidence as they realise that any effort they make in drama is appreciated and accepted.  The establishment of this culture of acceptance is vital to Number Agents working effectively.

Because they did so well with this I took it a little further today.  They got into partners, one in role as the giant, one as the robot.  The idea was they were angry, someone was in their space and they had to get this across using the same message and their body language.  They also had to maintain eye contact. 

Initially this was difficult, but with a little modelling and watching of others they were eventually all able to go into role and showed real confidence.

A fun drama activity that took about fifteen minutes, but that was full of a huge amount of learning!

A giant and a robot :)

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