Sunday, 14 January 2018

Starting Out - A skeleton plan for going forward in agency 2018

The set up of Number Agency is absolutely crucial to its success. As with any Mantle the children need to believe in this world and be intrigued by it, that takes a little time. The more children buy into this imaginary world, the more effective Number Agents will be.

With older children it can probably be done slightly faster, but with younger children I like to take our time. It is not like they are not doing maths during this time, as a lot of their maths comes out of their self-directed play.
A lot of this initial process is guided by the children and where their wonderings take us, but this is my initial first step planning into agency.

A large amount of maths will come through play and will be encouraged through provocations,

and reflected on through learning stories and class reflections.

Number Agents - Week 1 - 3 (really only two weeks as we go back halfway through week one)

Playing a variety of drama games, to develop confidence, positivity - Preparing children to

work in agency. I have some drama game packs on TPT if you are interested.

Emphasis is on participating and contributing - settling in

Prepare file box and secret files. The secret files I use are here. Ensure puppets and clients are

all ready to go. Client pack here.

Put up question mark on wall where Number Agent will eventually be. Why might this be here??

Week 4 - 6

(hooking in pack here on TPT)

Hooking In and Building Belief -

Head agent revealed via photo next to question mark...I have my eye on you...who is this man?

Series of problems arrive via a message in a bottle.

These are from fairy tale characters and nursery rhyme characters

and are mathematically based.

Message appears at any time during the day and if a child sees it first they alert everyone

to the problem and gather as quickly as they can.

Once we have worked through solving these, head agent will visit via voki, he has noticed our

problem solving skills and needs a team like us to

join forces against a group of Villains that are wreaking havoc on our world.

Imagine our office space

Have agent photos taken and numbers assigned to us.

Map of NZ appears on agency wall. Question marks are located on this map,

what do these represent?

Lead agent props arrive.

Focus is on working with others to solve problems and building intrigue.

Week 7

Start working in agency, set up rituals, what song plays when we go into agency.

We face the villain that is hovering over Whangarei on that day, who might it be.

Start slowly with simple sessions, as a villain is introduced, their picture is turned over on the


Client pack available here. I use static images to introduce a client.

Put up the villains photo on wall as we face each one.

Introduce professor.

Introduce Cowgirl as children demonstrate they may be ready for talk moves.

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