Tuesday, 12 September 2017

A Glimpse Into Our Agency

Over the next few weeks I am going to post videos that show the different parts of agency.  I will post each new video as I get to them.  This first video shows how we check in.  This is what happens at the beginning of each session and is used to help move children from the real to the imagined world.

There are many ways children can check in and this is just the way we do it.  It is a little noisey... we have 42 agents now :)

This next video shows the next step and come straight after our chant.  We do different things for warm up and professional development obviously, but this gives you an idea.

This next video also shows another way we warm up.  This is a dot talk.  We have used our agent eyes for visual images all year, but we have not done many of these dot talks (three tops) The agents have come a long way in a short time.

This next video follows on from our professional development today (professor led the same concept again today, tally mark, to tens frames, agents were much better today and we will repeat again on Thursday, I think the key is revisiting a session many times to allow them to build on understandings)  The alarm went off and we got a notification from the Teacher ...well you can see what happened from there.  Today was the first day an agent has had a go at going in to role as the villain.  I think he did well for the first try at this.  A little hard to hear.

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