Thursday, 3 August 2017


I do have a little bit in my book about planning, but it has to be the most common question asked of me, how do I plan?

The honest answer is less, but more...ha ha I know as clear as mud!

Over the years I have become much more inclined to think big picture and then specifically add details day by day, week by week as I see where the learning actually takes us.

This 'just in time' planning allows me to be responsive to need and responsive to learning urges.

When it comes to Number Agents I do use the progressions but more recently (over the last two years) have become more of a fan of developing Number Sense rather than ticking off a sequence of learning through stages.  I want my agents to have a deep understanding and flexibility with number.

To encourage my planning and teaching to reflect the effort to encourage and foster Number Sense I make a mindmap that is an overview of the things  I want my agency sessions to include.  Of course this is tweaked and changed as everything continues to evolve.

This mindmap is below and also in a shareable link here.

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