Sunday, 19 February 2017

First Hook - Great Excitement!

Today we started hooking children into agency.  A message in the bottle appeared, as soon as one of the children noticed it we immediately came together to investigate.  There was great excitement as the message from Grandma was read.  Children worked together to solve the gingerbread related problem, with a lot of scaffolding we were able to come up with the correct answer.  We wrote a message back, put it in the bottle and placed it on the table.

Once children moved back to play-based time there was great excitement, investigating the wall, trying to find out where the bottle had come from and posing likely scenarios.

A group of children actually found some puppets and stated to make up their own stories related to this message.

The excitement on their faces and the immediate leap into the imaginative is always an absolute pleasure to watch and I never tire of it.  I can't wait for the bottle to turn up again tomorrow.

They wondered where the bottle had come from and how it appeared without them seeing...

Perhaps if we listen to the wall we may hear a clue?

A few children started to draw their own maps to solve the 'mystery' they left these on the table and miraculously these also disappeared.

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