Saturday, 12 November 2016

Mathex in agency

My approach to mathex in number agency has been inspired by a senior version I used to use with older children.
Usually as the agents get more independent and better at working in multi-level group I will add the challenge of mathex.
This approach is usually introduced by the brain drainer (who as yet does not have a puppet form...just me in role as yet)  I am on the search for a brain drainer - or perhaps a riddler to take on this role.
Mathex is quick and once agents get used to the approach it flows beautifully.  I design the sheets to complement the problems the agents have encountered during the week.  It is great for some just in time teaching as you see the common gaps each group has.
This approach is also brilliant for developing team work, growth mindset and comprehension.
I have been working on creating a set to go along with my number agent book.  At this time of the year it can be incredibly hard, however have designed a starter set with two mathex sheets to give you an idea.  I have uploaded it to teachers pay teachers here.

Have a go at this approach, great for this time of year and a lot of fun!

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