The Villains and The Heroes

The Villains play a huge role in agency and only really limited by your imagination.  We keep files on each villain as we encounter them, so we can identify them quickly next time we see them.  These files get stored in our confidential agent file box.

This is a sample of one of the files...

The Heroes are new....a puppet has taken over the role of professor and another puppet Cowgirl Calculation helps us with our maths talk.  So far they have been a big success!

The villain line up so far (as caught on our agent security camera.)

Doubling Dinosaur

Sum Snake

Subtraction Shark

The Knight Adder

Captain Fraction

Whacky Witch of Change Unknown

The Three Headed Dragon, yet to have a proper name, but will focus on strand based problems.

Cowgirl Calculation and the Professor

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