Number Agents in a Nutshell and Getting Started with Agency

Number Agents is an approach I developed out of the Mantle of the Expert Approach. In essence Number Agents is an imagined company that work to defeat villains on behalf of clients. To defeat the villains they must solve math related problems. Number agents is an approach for juniors (year 1-3) however I believe with a little modification the concept would work brilliantly for senior children. Number Agents combines drama, play based learning and problem solving to engage, motivate and excite learners. This imagined world fits with how children love to learn and gives an authenticity and purpose to maths. It is also a huge amount of fun!

Getting Started

1) Please buy and read the book.  This will answer many of your questions and help you understand what this world is all about.

2) Read my blog, there are many old posts on here that work through how I introduce agency at the beginning of the year.

There are a few posts if you go back to the beginning of 2017 that gives you some examples of what we did to get started and I will post again this year.

3) Join my facebook page Number Agents and if you intend to use the approach, join my group as well.  This will allow you to connect with others.  It will also give you a link to my youtube channel.  I share a lot of practical ideas on my facebook page straight from my agency throughout the year.

4) Start to think about your agency, what will it look like.  Will the villains be puppets or still images.  Who will the clients be?  Who will lead the knowledge/professional development, will you have a professor, or will this be you in role?

5) Refer to my youtube video on hooking in...this is the most important part.

6) Take your time and ask questions.

I have other products in my store that I have designed to help you get started.

I truly believe in this approach, have seen the results myself and heard so many similar stories from classrooms around NZ.  

If you don't like using TPT you can access most of my resources on this NZ site.  It will be emailed to you by the site themselves, so you need to check your trash.

I only sell the book in PDF via TPT.  I no longer do a hard copy.

If you want to purchase, but can't do it this way, please email me and I will endeavor to help out.


  1. How can I pay the book please?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Maria, please email me on or find me on facebook. I can sort it out from there :) If you want a PDF you can buy directly through teachers pay teachers.